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Therm-a-rest Down Pillow

The therm-a-rest down Pillow is A big hit with customers, the warm and cozy fabric is sensational for keeping you and the is large enough to suit all of your bedding. The midnight print is best-in-the-class for A touch of personality and the unique design means that your customer can keep track of your sleep easily.

Therm-a-rest Air Head Down Pillow

The therm-a-rest airhead down Pillow is A fantastic way to get A good night's sleep, it uses air to create A bed-like sleep environment, and the righteous heat and cold helps to keep you safe and comfortable. This Pillow is available in the regular or green mountains varieties, the regular version is comfortable, while the green mountains version is larger, but provides A comfortable sleeping environment. *resistance*: the therm-a-rest airhead down Pillow is designed with A regular series of sleeping support bars to resist noise, motion and other distractions, this therm-a-rest Pillow is first-class for who covet to sleep in peace. The air head Pillow helps so the sleep you deserve, this Pillow does not have A built-in sleep timer so you have to worry about it every single night. However, thetherm-a-rest air head Pillow peerless for lovers who yearn to sleep in peace, the thermarest air head down Pillow is superb for individuals with allergies or asthma. It is large and can sleep up to eight people, the midnight print design effortless to care for and does not affect the sleep quality. The thermarest air head down Pillow is A first-rate value for the price point it offers, thetherm-a-rest is A large, black-colored down Pillow with A midnightprint-a-rest. It is manufactured of soft, natural cotton and offers A small hole in the center for A map of the united states, it is also complimentary on offer.